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201. Timuel Black’s mother, Mattie McConner Black

202. Timuel Black's parents

203. Timuel Black's daughter

204. Timuel Black's son

210. Julian Bond and his sister being "dedicated to scholarship"

211. Julian Bond with his sister and Paul Robeson

213. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Julian Bond and others

215. Julian Bond giving a commencement address

216. Julian Bond with U.S. President Bill Clinton

217. Julian Bond and his family

218. Julian Bond as referee for an exhibition boxing match

219. Julian Bond, with Senator Edward Kennedy and Yancy Martin

223. Julian Bond tours Vine City in Atlanta, Georgia

225. Boyd With Phillip Rhee

227. Boyd In Her Trailer

228. Boyd With Young Star

229. Boyd Made Up

230. Boyd With Mother

231. Portrait Of Boyd’s Father

232. Portrait Of Boyd’s Father

233. Portrait Of Boyd’s Father

234. Boyd Family At 25th Anniversary Party

235. Boyd Family Portrait

236. Boyd On Magazine Cover

237. Young Barbara Boyd

238. Boyd On Golf Outing

240. Boyd Featured In Indianapolis Star

241. Boyd With Husband Ted

242. Award Presented To Boyd

243. Boyd Inducted Into Indianapolis Journalism Hall Of Fame

244. Leo Branton, Jr. at four years-old

245. Leo Branton, Jr. and his Brother’s Widow

246. Leo Branton, Jr. with Family

247. Leo Branton, Jr. and Jack Tenner at a Civil Rights Forum

248. Leo Branton, Jr. and Jack Tenor at a Civil Rights Forum

249. Close up of Leo Branton, Jr.'s Mother

250. Leo Branton, Jr.'s Mother