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4. John Watson at a Fraternity Christmas Party

8. John Watson Graduating From College

9. John Watson Receiving His Chieftaincy Title

11. John Watson’s Mother

12. John Watson’s Father

13. John Watson With His Brothers (#1)

17. John Watson With His Wife and Their Children

18. John Watson With His Wife

19. John Watson With His Wife and Their Grandchildren

20. John Watson and His Wife With Family Celebrating Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

21. John Watson’s Maternal Great-Grandparents

30. John Watson’s Great-Grandfather

31. John Watson and His Brother In High School Band

34. Thomas J. Burrell In High School

35. Mavis Staples In High School

37. John Watson In High School Band

39. Roger Watson Playing Basketball

41. John Watson In High School (#2)

43. Lilia Abron at Home (#1)

44. Lilia Abron at Home (#2)

45. Lilia Abron at Home (#3)

46. Lilia Abron as Baby

47. Lilia Abron at Debutante Ball

48. Lilia Abron's Sons

49. Lilia Abron With Her Family (#1)