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2. Na'im Akbar in high school

5. Dr. Na'im Akbar on Easter

14. Na'im Akbar in Upper Egypt

15. Na'im Akbar with his sons in West Africa

16. Dr. Na'im Akbar and others at the Afrocentric Training Project

17. Dr. Na'im Akbar in Ghana, West Africa

22. Dr. Na'im Akbar at Tougaloo College

23. Na'im Akbar with his senior prom date

26. Timuel Black’s father, Timuel Black, Sr.

27. Timuel Black’s mother, Mattie McConner Black

28. Timuel Black's parents

29. Timuel Black's daughter

30. Timuel Black's son

36. George and Lillian Campbell

39. George Campbell, Jr. at Birthday Party

40. George and Garikai Campbell (#1)

42. Garikai Campbell

44. George Campbell, Jr. at AT&T Bell Laboratories

45. George and Mary Campbell at Prom (#1)

46. George and Mary Campbell at Prom (#2)

47. George and Mary Campbell (#1)

48. George and Garikai Campbell (#3)

49. George Campbell, Jr. at His Farm