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2. Tom Burrell with Paul Schrage and Douglas Ivester

6. Photo of Peter Bynoe

7. Peter and Linda Bynoe

9. Walter Clark and Walter Wriston

11. Walter Clark with Mayor Jane Byrne and First Federal Savings Bank officials

17. Crispus Attucks High School's Homecoming Court

19. Walter Clark at a UCLA party

22. Walter Clark with his Brother and Father

23. Walter Clark in the U.S. Army

27. Walter Clark and His New Bride, Juanita Dillard Clark at Their Wedding Reception

29. Walter Clark with Clark Burrus and Ted Jones

31. Walter Clark with Danny Lawson and Others

36. Jacoby Dickens with Lucille

37. Jacoby Dickens at age 6

40. Jacoby Dickens with Merri Dee (#1)

42. Jacoby Dickens at a Golf Outing

48. Jacoby Dickens with Dr. Delores Cross

49. Jacoby Dickens with Kelli White (#2)