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52. Jacoby Dickens with Roland Burris

53. Jacoby Dickens at a Fundraiser for the Athletic Program at Chicago State University

54. Jacoby Dickens with Leon Robinson

56. Jacoby Dickens with President Bill Clinton

57. Jaboby Dickens with Mrs. Luster

64. Jacoby Dickens with Bishop John Henry Ford

71. Jacoby Dickens at the McClendon Family Reunion

74. Glegg Watson's Aunt, Hazel Halsall

76. Glegg Watson and George Davis

78. Glegg Watson with Drummer, Max Roach

80. Glegg Watson Receives an Honorary Doctorate Degree

84. Glegg Watson and the Xerox Board of Directors

92. Frank Clark in grammar school photo

93. Frank Clark's army photo

94. Frank Clark and family

95. Frank Clark in the U.S. Army

96. Frank Clark in Vietnam

97. Frank Clark with his mother and son

98. Frank Clark at his home

99. Frank Clark and family on vacation