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1. Edward Adams With His Wife

2. Edward Adams With His Family

4. Edward Adams With Bishop Tutu

7. Edward Adams Fishing

8. Edward Adams in South Africa

11. Black Enterprise Magazine (#1)

12. Black Enterprise Magazine (#2)

14. Barbara Alleyne's Parents

15. Barbara Alleyne In Fifth Grade

16. Barbara Alleyne as Toddler

19. Barbara Alleyne With Family

20. Barbara Alleyne's Mother and Sister

21. Barbara Alleyne With Extended Family

22. Barbara Alleyne as Young Girl

25. Kenneth Bacon's Mother and Aunts

26. Kenneth Bacon in England

27. Kenneth Bacon With His Family (#1)

28. Kenneth Bacon With His Family at the British Embassy

30. Kenneth Bacon's Mother and Father

31. Kenneth Bacon's Mother and Father in Ghana

32. Kenneth Bacon With His Family (#2)

39. Alvin Boutte in His First Home

43. Alvin Boutte in his Home

44. Alvin Boutte in a Group Prayer

45. Alvin Boutte at Xavier University

47. Alvin Boutte's Retirement Photo

48. Earle Bradford, Jr. at the Freedom Theater Auditorium

50. Earle Bradford, Jr. With Henry Kissinger