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4. Dr. Levi Watkins With Harry Belafonte

9. Florence M. Rice With Charlayne Hunter-Gault

10. Ozell Sutton With Check for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

12. William A. Clement, Jr. With Ronald McCrae

14. George and Janet Miles

16. Andrea Lawrence With Her Daughters

17. Andrea Lawrence With Her Father

20. Reatha Clark King Visits Mackenzie

21. Diane McCoy-Lee and Robert C. Lee

23. Photo of Reverend Dr. Mary Ivey

24. Herbert and Emily DeCosta

27. Larry Huggins at Hurricane Katrina Relief Fundraiser

32. Bill Parker in British Columbia

34. Dr. James Williams With His Wife and Grandchildren

35. Dr. Anthony M. Johnson With Middle School Students

36. Callie Crossley On "Beat The Press"

37. Marvin Perry With His Wife

40. Luther "Badman" Keith With His Wife

44. Cheryl Blackwell Bryson With Her Sister

45. James Johnson, Jr. Sworn to Board of Trustees

47. Photo of Alfred Cain

48. Toni-Marie Montgomery’s 50th Birthday