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1. John Heidelberg’s Son

5. Reatha Clark King Stands With Students

8. Stan Lathan With His Family

9. Dr. William Alexander Jackson Ross' Family

10. Portrait of Thomas L. McLeary

11. Dr. Levi Watkins With Earl G. Graves, Sr.

14. James Hiram Malone With Reverend Dr. C. T. Vivian

15. Elisabeth Omilami With Her Children

19. Kenneth G. Rodgers With His Family

22. Dr. Walter I. Delph With His Wife

23. Donald Porter with The Dells

24. Donald Porter with The Dells member, Michael McGill

26. Kent Amos and wife

27. Lonnie Bunch's daughter

28. Lonnie Bunch's wife and daughter

29. Lonnie Bunch's wife and daughter

33. Dr. Keith L. Black With Quincy Jones and Sidney Poitier

34. Dr. Keith L. Black With His Daughter

35. Avon Kirkland's Friend Betty

36. Avon Kirkland and His Son

38. Roy Lewis at the Smithsonian Institute

39. Roy Lewis with Sharon Farmer

40. Roy Lewis with Tasha Lewis and Shelia Scott-Bates

45. Antonio Anderson With His Wife and Children

48. Evie Garrett Dennis' Grandson and Son-in-Law

49. Dr. Anthony M. Johnson With Colleagues

50. Sylvia Ewing at the "Head Start" Premiere