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2. Alan Crite at Harvard’s Commencement Ceremony

3. Alan Crite at the commonwealth of Massachuets State Archives Black History Month Celebration

4. Antoinette Malveaux at the 1998 National Black MBA Association Conference (#1)

5. Antoinette Malveaux at the 1998 National Black MBA Association Conference (#2)

6. Antoinette Malveaux at Her Birthday Party

7. Antoinette Malveaux With Leader of Black Management Forum

9. Dr. Audrey Forbes Manley at Spelman Presidential Inauguration

10. Avon Kirkland Playing Tennis

11. Minority Business Review Jim Lowry Interviews ABR at Northwestern University (1998)

12. ABR Farewell Address to Xerox Black Employees (1998)

13. Bernard Kinsey With Johnnie Cochran

14. C. Alicia Georges With Kathy Watlington Bloomingfield and Patience Watlington

15. The Honorable Carrie P. Meek With Nelson Mandela

16. Charles Willie With Dr. Samuel DuBois Cook

17. Cheryl Blackwell Bryson on "The Today Show"

18. Clayton W. Bates, Jr. at Work

19. David Driskell at the Sundial in Front of Douglass Hall at Howard University

20. David Driskell on His Front Porch

21. Dawoud Bey with second grade teacher

22. Dr. Walter I. Delph With Dr. R. Chester Redhead

23. Article Recognizing Eleanor Andrews (#1)

24. Article Recognizing Eleanor Andrews (#2)

25. Letter From Senator Ted Stevens To Eleanor Andrews

26. Eleanor Andrews With Senator Ted Stevens

27. Elnora Daniel with her family at her husband's retirement reception

28. Elnora Daniel with the Chicago State University basketball team

29. Eugene H. Dibble, III and Dr. Robert Taylor Dibble

30. George Campbell, Jr. With Mary Good

31. Glegg Watson Receives an Honorary Doctorate Degree

32. "Journey of the Rose" by Gloria Burgess (1998)

33. Haki Madhubuti and Dr. Derrick Bell

35. Huel D. Perkins With His Wife

36. The Commercial Appeal Article About Jerry Fanion Protesting

37. Jerry Fanion With Rev. Dr. L. LaSimba Gray

38. James Kaiser at Home in Denver, Colorado

39. John Atchison Receiving an Award from Spellman College (1998)

40. John Rogers, Jr. With Daughter

41. John Rogers, Jr. With Daughter

43. Joycelyn Harrison With Her Mother

44. Kent Amos with Rosa Parks

45. Detail of Kent Amos with Rosa Parks

46. Kent Amos and others with Rosa Parks

47. Kent Amos with Rosa Parks

48. Larry Huggins Receiving Contractor of the Year Award

49. Leo Branton, Jr.

50. Lonnie Bunch's mother, Montrose Boone-Bunch's extended family