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2. Mathematical Physic Conference in Benin

6. Herb Kent on His Horse

7. Herb Kent with His Horse

8. Herb Kent on His Horse

9. Herb Kent at V-103

10. Herb Kent

11. Frank K. Ross and His Wife Cecelia

15. Paul Adams

16. Photo of Howard Armstrong

17. "Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn" by Gary M. Pomerantz

20. Antoinette Malveaux With Her Siblings

28. Na'im Akbar with his sons in West Africa

30. John Atchison and Renee Montgomery

32. The Dells photo shoot

33. Barry With Local Business Leaders (1996)

34. Dorothy Height Of The National Council of Negro Women (1996)

35. Interviewed By Tom Joyner (1996)

38. Tyrone Davis

39. The Congressional Black Caucus

40. Joyce and Bessie Mae Hughes

41. Avon Kirkland With Danny Glover

43. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn with her parents

45. Roy Lewis at the Million Man March

47. John Rogers, Jr. at United Center

49. Fred Rice, Jr.'s Daughter

50. The King's at Their Son's Wedding