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51. Dawoud Bey with youth at Walker Arts Center

52. Dawoud Bey at the Walker Arts Center

54. Boyd With Phillip Rhee

56. Boyd In Her Trailer

57. Boyd With Young Star

58. Boyd Made Up

60. Errol B. Taylor's Father and Son

66. Dr. Paul Underwood, Jr.'s Family

71. William Akins With Estella Akins

72. Michael Lewis With Sunday Perry and Carolyn Wolsey

73. Dennis Biddle at the Negro League's Reunion

74. John Britton With Gordon Parks

75. John Britton at the University of D.C.

76. Joseph Donovan’s Grandchildren

79. Reatha Clark King Celebrates with Her Sister Mamie Clark Montague

80. Portrait of Melissa and Denise Abrams

82. Dr. James Williams at the Tuskegee Airmen Convention

83. Photo of Steven Richardson (#2)

84. Mayomedia Banner

87. Sylvia Ewing With Her Young Children