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1. Rosetta Miller-Perry on Cruise

3. Reverend Marcia Dyson With Mayor Richard M. Daley

6. Jerry Revish Receiving Emmy Award

7. Timothy Lee Richardson's Aunt

13. Donald Harwell With His Family

17. Spencer Crew at the Anchorage Field to Factory Exhibition

19. Denise Nicholas in "Ghost Dad"

21. John Atchison

23. Dawoud Bey's self-portrait

25. Roland Burris Campaigning for Neil Hartigan

28. Harold and Arti Freeman

29. Veronica Jones Receiving B.R.A.G. Award

30. Veronica Jones With Ophelia Gilliam and J. J. Thomas

33. Herb Kent at WGCI (#2)

35. Kristen Smith

36. Charles Burrell with his wife

42. Nelvia Brady with other women civic leaders

44. Horace Smith with his family in Hawaii

45. The Honorable Marie Johns With Dell Lewis

47. Dr. Keith L. Black With a Maasai

49. Avon Kirkland ’s Son