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5. The Honorable Ethel Skyles Alexander With Supporters

8. The Honorable Mary Flowers Accepting Award

12. Errol B. Taylor Wedding Day With His Wife and Parents

13. Errol B. Taylor With His Brother and Friend

14. The Honorable Norman Rice With His Family

19. Opalanga D. Pugh in Gambia

20. Timothy Lee Richardson With Denzel Washington

21. Harrison B. Wilson With His Daughter

23. Antoinette Malveaux With Her Cousins

26. Frederick Gregory in Orbit

27. Frederick Gregory at NASA

30. Reatha Clark King Tops the List

31. Julian White's Daughters

32. Dr. Audrey Forbes Manley With Her Flag Rank Colleagues (#1)

33. Dr. Audrey Forbes Manley With Her Flag Rank Colleagues (#2)

35. Henry H. Brown at Unveiling Ceremony (#2)

36. Jerry O. Williams Speaking at DePauw University

38. Dr. Na'im Akbar at Tougaloo College

39. Dawoud Bey teaching class

40. Dawoud Bey in France

41. Dawoud Bey with Issac Julien and Sunil Gupta

42. Diann Burns hosts Chicago's Bud Billiken Parade

46. Band Members Sightseeing in Paris

47. Barry and Alexander Mayo

50. Barbara Bowles and her family