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2. Haki Madhubuti and Gil Scott-Heron

3. Haki Madhubuti and Woodie King

7. Pervis Spann on WXOL Radio

11. Paul Adams and U.S. President Ronald Reagan

21. Kent Amos's parents

22. Tyrone Brooks with John Conyers

23. Elnora Daniel in Swaziland, South Africa

24. Evern Cooper with her mother and father

25. The Honorable Peter C. Harvey's Father

26. Diane McCoy-Lee With Her Sisters

27. Robert Foster's Sister and Nieces

29. Reverend Dr. Mary Ivey at Work

30. Lucy Ballard Lacy

32. Photo of Rochelle Brown

33. Joseph Monroe's Family Home

42. Veronica Jones With Her Mother (#2)

45. Rowena Stewart's Son, Alvie With His Family

46. Calvin Coolidge Goode in France

49. Marcia Cantarella's Mother and Husband

50. Antoinette Malveaux's Father

51. Maxine Duster's Father and Cousin

54. Roy Lewis

55. Roy Lewis and Dick Gregory

59. Delores P. Aldridge With Her Student

61. Rena Bancroft With Her Siblings

64. Eleanor Jones Giving a Lecture

65. Arturo Romano Watlington

67. Portrait of Peg Alston

70. First National Bank Black History Month Performance

76. Sylvia Ewing's Political Flyer