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2. Newspaper Clipping of Yanick Rice Lamb With Her Family

3. Myrtis Dightman in Rodeo (#2)

4. Veronica Jones' College Graduation Photo

6. Bernard Kinsey With Florida A&M University Corporate America Alumnus

7. Wesley South Filing Petition to Run for U.S. Congress

8. Wesley South Near Burning Car

9. Wesley South's Congress Campaign

11. Wesley South With William Cousins

12. Wesley South With Chicago Youths

17. William Greaves and the 'Black Journal' film crew

20. Marcia Cantarella at Her College Graduation

23. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Gathering

28. Jerry Fanion at Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Funeral

32. Julian Bond tours Vine City in Atlanta, Georgia

33. Gwen Green with her Daughter Yvonne and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

35. Jacoby Dickens with Merri Dee (#1)

36. Jeff Donaldson

38. 'Resurrection City'

39. Frank Clark in Vietnam

41. Dr. William P. Foster with Band Members

45. Clayton W. Bates, Jr. at the 4th Symposium on Photoelectric Image Device

46. Roger Wilkins's daughter

47. Nathan Hare Giving a Speech

48. Avon Performing in Finnian's Rainbow

49. Joseph Daniel Clipper’s Famous Portrait