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1. Deborah A. Elam's Mother

2. Deborah A, Elam's Parents

3. Evie Garrett Dennis With Her Sisters

6. Rowena Stewart's In-Laws

7. The Honorable Paul R. Webber, III's Parents

9. Julian Marvin Swain Show Advertisement

14. Julian Marvin Swain With Peter Green

19. Julian Marvin Swain With Friends

20. Harlem Blackbirds Program Cover

22. New Harlem Revue Program Cover

23. Vernellia Randall's Maternal Grandparents

26. Reverend Dr. Mary Ivey's Sister and Niece

28. Home Built by Marvin L. Sims

29. Photo of Alice Key (#1)

30. Timuel Black’s father, Timuel Black, Sr.

31. Timuel Black’s mother, Mattie McConner Black

32. Timuel Black's parents

33. Young Barbara Boyd

39. Lucky Cordell celebrating Vivian Carter's Birthday

40. Lucky Cordell and the WVON Good Guys

41. Lucky Cordell at WGRY

43. Lucky Cordell at Monthly Youth Hop

46. Julie Hunter on Easter Sunday (#1)

47. Julie Hunter on Easter Sunday (#2)

49. Julie Hunter at a Club