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1. Kent Amos's great-grandmother

2. Kent Amos's grandmother Virginia Davis Amos and his great-grandfather

4. Kent Amos with U.S. Chairman of the Democratic Party, Ron Brown

5. Kent Amos with U.S. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton

6. Kent Amos at his residence in Washington, D.C.

7. Kent Amos with wife, Carmen Amos

8. Kent Amos's family

9. Kent Amos dressed as a clown at Halloween

10. Kent Amos's grandparents

11. Kent Amos as a child with his older brother

12. Kent Amos at the Million Man March

13. Kent Amos as an infant with older brother

14. Kent Amos in front of his U.S. Air Force barracks

15. Kent Amos at home in his Junior ROTC Captain's uniform

16. Kent Amos learning to skydive.

17. Kent Amos and wife

18. Kent Amos with his family and others at graduation party

19. Kent Amos as a child in front of Gage Elementary School

20. Kent Amos as a speaker for commencement ceremonies at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts