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2. Na'im Akbar in high school

5. Dr. Na'im Akbar on Easter

14. Na'im Akbar in Upper Egypt

15. Na'im Akbar with his sons in West Africa

16. Dr. Na'im Akbar and others at the Afrocentric Training Project

17. Dr. Na'im Akbar in Ghana, West Africa

22. Dr. Na'im Akbar at Tougaloo College

23. Na'im Akbar with his senior prom date

36. John Allen after Law School

41. John Allen with His sister Linda (#1)

46. John Allen at dinner party in Columbus, Georgia.

49. The Allen Family Poses after John Allen’s Swearing in Ceremony

53. Close-up of Beatrice Allen (#2)

54. Beatrice Allen (#1)

58. Tracy Atchison at Awards Ceremony

59. John Atchison and Phylicia Rashad

60. John Atchison

67. John Atchison and Sister

68. John Atchison

70. John Atchison and Barbara Bush

71. John Atchison

72. John Atchison and Renee Montgomery

73. John Atchison and His Son

76. John Atchison and His Nephew

77. John Atchison with His Son,

79. John Atchison and Family

80. John Atchison and Hazel Dukes

86. John Atchison

87. John Atchison and Brother

89. John Atchison and Jackie Jackson

94. John Atchison and Felipe Bascome

98. John Atchison with Model