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201. Raoul Abdul and His Mother

202. Jacoby Dickens with Merri Dee (#2)

203. Larry Huggins at Alderman Allan Streeter's Fundraiser

204. Larry Huggins at Christmas in Englewood Event

205. Larry Huggins at Mayor's Interfaith Breakfast Event

206. Larry Huggins With Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

207. Larry Huggins at Awards Ceremony

209. Larry Huggins With Oliver North

210. Larry Huggins With Glenn Harston and Rufus Taylor

211. Larry Huggins at Black Contractors United Event (#2)

214. Larry Huggins at the 71st Street and Jeffery Avenue Metra Station

215. Larry Huggins at Hurricane Katrina Relief Fundraiser

216. Larry Huggins With His Wife and Murray Brown

218. Larry Huggins With Colleagues at Munir Muhammad Show Fundraiser

220. Larry Huggins With Ziwa McBride

221. Larry Huggins Featured in the Chicago Defender (#1)

222. Larry Huggins Featured in the Chicago Defender (#2)

223. Arthur and Exzelma Allmon

224. Eva and Howard Evans

225. Eva Evans With Her Friends

227. Sarah Jane Trammell and Exzelma Allmon

231. Eva Evans' Great-Great Grandparents

232. Eva Evans Speaking at the Podium

235. Eva Evans as Dancer

237. Eva Evans at a Debutante Ball (#1)

241. Eugene H. Dibble, III With Fred Straus

242. Eugene H. Dibble, III's 75th Birthday Party Celebration

243. Congressman Danny Davis Addressing Small Audience

245. Eugene H. Dibble, III With His Family at His Appointment

246. Eugene and Jeanette Dibble With Jewel LaFontant

248. Eugene H. Dibble, III's College Graduation

249. Robert Robinson Taylor