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51. Home Built by Marvin L. Sims

52. Janet L. Sims-Wood at a Book Reading Event

53. Marvin L. Sims

55. Hazel Jeffries Sims

56. Janet L. Sims-Wood's Family

60. Denise Nicholas in "Ghost Dad"

61. Denise Nicholas in "The Paper Chase"

62. Denise Nicholas in "Baby, I'm Back"

64. Denise Nicholas in "Police Story"

65. Denise Nicholas in "The Soul of Nigger Charley"

68. Denise Nicholas in "Room 222"

69. Denise Nicholas With Aretha Franklin

71. Denise Nicholas With Free Southern Theater Members

72. Denise Nicholas With Lester Galt

82. Photo of E. Ethelbert Miller

83. E. Ethelbert Miller's Mother and Aunts

84. Egberto Miller

85. E. Ethelbert Miller's Siblings

88. E. Ethelbert Miller With His Brother and Mother

90. E. Ethelbert Miller With His Colleagues

96. E. Ethelbert Miller With His Daughter

97. E. Ethelbert Miller With His Wife and Children

98. Henry H. Brown as College Student

100. Henry H. Brown at Black Enterprise Event