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8651. Billie Allen With Reina Bundy

8654. Billie Allen's Father

8657. Billie Allen's Parents-in-Law

8659. Mona Lake Jones Playing the Clarinet

8661. Mona Lake Jones' Mother and Grandmother

8663. Mona Lake Jones' Mother and Grandmothers (#2)

8665. Mona Lake Jones' Grandmothers

8667. Mona Lake Jones and Her Grandchildren

8669. Mona Lake Jones' Poetry CD Cover

8674. Mona Lake Jones at the Museum of Fine Arts

8675. Mona Lake Jones Giving a Speech

8676. Mona Lake Jones and Her Children

8677. Mona Lake Jones on Her Wedding Day

8678. Mona Lake Jones and Her Family

8679. Mona Lake Jones' Parents

8680. Mona Lake Jones as a Third Grader

8682. Mona Lake Jones at a Debutante Ball

8683. Mona Lake Jones As a Baby

8686. Mona Lake Jones at Church

8690. Howard Moore, Jr.'s Mother

8691. Howard Moore, Jr.'s Father

8692. Howard Moore, Jr.'s Exam Letter