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1. Abner Jackson 'hanging' on a telephone pole with his brother

2. Newspaper clipping about Abner Jackson

3. Abner Jackson with his brother, Anderson Eugene Jackson in the U.S. Army

4. Abner Jackson with his wife

5. Abner Jackson with his twin brother

7. Abner Jackson with his family

8. Abner Jackson with his twin brother and neighbor

9. Abner Jackson with his twin brother

10. Abner Jackson with his twin brother and parents in front of their company hearse

11. The congregation of Shiloh Baptist Church

12. Ada Anderson With Her Family (#1)

13. Ada Anderson With Her Family (#2)

14. Ada Anderson as Toddler

15. Ada Anderson With Her Daughter

16. Ada Anderson's Distant Relative Newton Isaac Collins

17. Ada Anderson's Relatives

18. Ada Anderson's Paternal Grandparents

19. Ada Anderson's Parents

20. Ada Anderson's Father With His Siblings

21. Ada Anderson's Parents Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary

22. Photo of Adrienne Bailey (1970s)

23. Adrienne Bailey With Adelaide Tshukudu Tambo

24. Adrienne Bailey as Baby

25. Adrienne Bailey as Young Girl

26. Adrienne Bailey With Mmantsae Moche Diale

27. Adrienne Bailey With Maya Bristow

28. Adrienne Bailey With Her Family

29. Adrienne Bailey With Clinton Bristow, Jr.

30. Adrienne Bailey With Ambassador James Joseph

31. Adrienne Bailey Featured in Chicago Daily Tribune

32. Adrienne Bailey With Her Mother and Grandmother

33. Photo of Adrienne Bailey

34. Adrienne Bailey Receiving the J.C. Award

35. Adrienne and Julia Bailey

36. Adrienne Bailey With Frederick Drew Gregory

37. Pricilla Smith Bailey

38. Floyd Bailey

39. Leroy Bailey

40. Dora Pittman Yarber

41. James Yarber

42. Close-up shot of June Antoine in the 4th Grade

43. June Antoine and her entire 4th Grade class

44. Albert Antoine giving a lecture.

45. June Antoine at a reception after Adrianne Kennedy’s play

46. A poster from the Signature Theatre

47. A Book of Remembrances

48. The Antoines with a visitor from the CIP

49. A plaque from the Adrianne Kennedy Society

50. Dr. Antoine at an opening of an Adrianne Kennedy play