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1. Dr. Anthony M. Johnson With Students

2. Beverly and William Parker Visiting Pyramids

3. Brig. Gen. Leo Brooks, Jr.'s Daughter (#1)

4. Brig. Gen. Leo Brooks, Jr.'s Daughter (#4)

5. Debra Lee Onstage at BET Awards

6. Dick Griffin at Coney Island

7. Dorothy Roberts With the Board of the Black Women's Health Imperative

8. James and Willeen Williams (#4)

9. Dr. James Williams In Front of Clara Belle Williams Hall

10. Dr. Rogsbert Phillips in Her Office (2008)

11. Em Claire Knowles Featured in The Christian Librarian

12. James Johnson, Jr.'s Family Home (#2)

13. Jerry Fanion With His Son and Grandsons

14. Portrait of Julia Purnell (#1)

15. Reatha Clark King Commemorates a New Stamp

16. Reatha Clark King Celebrates Gold

17. Roslyn Abrams and Chickie Bucco at Gracie Awards

18. "Untitled" by Sam Gilliam (#1)

19. Bishop T.D. Jakes With President Bill Clinton

20. The Honorable Richard Mays, Sr. With President Barack Obama