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1. Antoinette Malveaux at the 1997 National Black MBA Association Convention (#1)

2. Antoinette Malveaux at the 1997 National Black MBA Association Convention (#2)

3. Photo of Antoinette Malveaux (1997)

4. Antoinette Malveaux Speaking at the National Black Association Conference

5. Antoinette Malveaux With Leader of Tomorrow Volunteer

6. Antoinette Malveaux Playing Golf

7. Bill Parker Featured in Fortune Magazine

8. Charles Blockson with a bronze bust of himself designed by sculptor Antonio Salemme

11. Charles Willie at Harvard University Commencement Ceremony

12. Dianne Wilkerson at an NAACP function

13. Portrait of Donald Bogle (#2)

14. Elnora Daniel with students at the U.S. Army Reserve School of Nursing graduation ceremony

15. Frederick Humphries Presiding at Commencement

16. George Campbell, Jr. at Com Ed

17. Glegg Watson with Drummer, Max Roach

18. Harrison B. Wilson in Norfolk State University's Publication

19. Herb Kent Steppin' at Club 7

20. Howard Armstrong and Barbara Ward Armstrong

22. James Hiram Malone's Tree Painting

23. Michelle Wise-Wright and John Atchison (1997)

24. John Atchison and His Son

25. Tracy Atchison at Awards Ceremony

26. John Rogers, Jr. With His Daughter and Reverend Jesse Jackson, Sr.

27. John Rogers, Jr. With Dr. Lucinda Lee Katz at University of Chicago Lab School Graduation

28. Joyce Hughes and the Northeast Quarter Collection

29. Laurie Robinson Haden at the NFL Labor Counsel Division

30. Lonnie Bunch's daughter

31. Marcia Cantarella Receiving Her Doctorate From NYU

32. Marcia Cantarella With Her Family

33. Barry In The Ivory Coast (1997)

34. Barry In Guinea (1997)

35. Barry In Ivory Coast(1997)

36. Barry With Ghanaian President

37. Myrtis Dightman Induction to the National Cowboy Hall of Fame

38. Ray F. Wilson in His Office at Texas Southern University

39. Renee Amoore at Republican State Party

40. Reverend Darby Joseph in Traditional African Clothing

41. President Bill Clinton Visiting the American Jazz Museum

42. Steve Smith With His Family (#1)

43. Tanya-Monique Kersey's Mother and Grandmother

44. Tanya-Monique Kersey's Maternal Grandfather and Step-Grandmother

45. The Honorable Mary Flowers With Presidential Candidate Albert Gore

46. The Honorable Mary Flowers With Conference Of Women Legislators

47. The Honorable Mary Flowers With Governor Edgar & Makeda Flowers

48. The Honorable Paul R. Webber, III With His Wife

49. Wadsworth Jarrell at Smithsonian Exhibit, "Sea and Jazz"

50. William Greaves with Louise Archambault Greaves and Dr. Robert Edgar

51. William Lester Featured in San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper

52. William M. Lewis, Jr. With Golf Friends