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1. Photo of Albert A. Smith, Jr.

2. Alfred Cain as Lay Leader

3. Alan Crite at home

4. Anne-Marie Clarke and her husband

5. Dr. Audrey Forbes Manley With Spelman Alumni Annual Fund Committee (#1)

6. Dr. Audrey Forbes Manley With Spelman Alumni Annual Fund Committee (#2)

7. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey in Front of a Portrait by Artis Lane

8. Khalil Kinsey With Xerox Executives

9. Bill Parker at Jones Warehouse (1991)

10. Dawoud Bey with son and wife

11. Diann Burns in 'North Shore' magazine.

12. Dr. Lloyd C. Elam Featured in Meharry Today

13. "Africa in the Minds and Deeds of African American Leaders" by Edwin Dorn

14. Elnora Daniel at an engagement party for her son and daughter-in-law

15. The USA Mission Staff for the 11th Pan American Games

16. Evie Garrett Dennis' Headshot for the USA Mission Staff for the 11th Pan American Games

17. George and Britt Campbell

19. Jacoby Dickens with Kelli White (#2)

20. James Hiram Malone's Children's Book

21. James Posey's Certificate to ARCO Alaska, Inc. Speakers Bureau (1991)

22. James Posey With His Children at Alaska State Fair (#2)

23. John Fleming With Harry Belafonte

24. Joseph Gordon, II's Wife

25. Kent Amos with 'Sweet' Alice Harris and a Frederick Douglass impersonator

26. Kent Amos with Senator Moss of Oregon

27. Kent Amos with Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder

28. Lamonte McLemore and The 5th Dimension in JET Magazine

29. Larry Huggins With Oliver North

31. Mary Schmidt Campbell and Her Family (#2)

32. Reverend Marcia Dyson at the Chicago Gospel Music Festival

33. Emmett Till Road Dedication Ceremony

34. Portrait of Robert DeBlanc (1991)

35. Robert DeBlanc’s Autographed Photo of Johnny Brown

37. Sterling Johnson and His First Law Clerks

38. Sterling Johnson in His JAG Uniform

39. Steven Richardson Giving a Lecture

40. Tanya-Monique Kersey's Daughters

41. The Honorable Donald L. Graham in Courtroom Sketch

42. The Honorable Mary Flowers In Back To School Parade

43. The Honorable Mary Flowers With Governor Bill Clinton

44. The Honorable Mary Flowers With Young Constituents

45. Thomas L. McLeary With His Family

46. Tyree Guyton at the Demolition of the Heidelberg Project

47. Face Series by Tyree Guyton

48. Yvonne Sanders-Butler With Her Family