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1. Avon Performing in Finnian's Rainbow

2. Barbara Bowles in her college graduation portrait

3. Bernard Kinsey at His Birthday Party

4. Bernard Kinsey With Florida A&M University Corporate America Alumnus

5. Bishop John Hurst Adams' Appointed Pastor of Grant A.M.E. Church

6. Bishop John Hurst Adams Featured in The Seattle Times Newspaper

7. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Gathering

8. Cal Street Performing With Sandra Tilley and Annette Rodgers

9. Callie Crossley High School News Articles

10. Callie Crossley in News Article

11. Cheryl Blackwell Bryson's High School Prom

12. Clayton W. Bates, Jr. With His Mother

13. Clayton W. Bates, Jr. at the 4th Symposium on Photoelectric Image Device

14. Dempsey J. Travis With Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey

15. Donald V. Watkins With Alabama Governor George Corley Wallace, Autumn Carr and Mary Green

16. Hosea Williams Organizing the Tennessee Garbage Man Strike

17. Hosea Williams Leading Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Funeral

18. Elnora Daniel gives the capping address to graduating nurses at Hampton University

19. Frank Clark in Vietnam

20. Gerald B. Smith With His Grandmother and Brother at Jack Yates' High School Graduation