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21. Irma Daniels on the Cheerleading Team

22. Jackie Taylor with her ex-husband, Phil Wright

23. Jacoby Dickens with Merri Dee (#1)

24. Jacoby Dickens with Three Army Buddies and a Gishi Girl

25. James Hiram Malone Painting a Bill Cosby Mural

26. James Lowell Gibbs, Jr. With Stanford University Students

27. Jeff Donaldson

28. Jerry Fanion Featured in Tri-State Defender (#3)

29. Jerry Fanion With Attorneys J.O. Patterson and Otis Higgs

30. Jerry Fanion at Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Funeral

31. Jerry Fanion With Memphis Invaders Charles Cabbage

32. Joseph Daniel Clipper’s Famous Portrait

33. Julian Bond tours Vine City in Atlanta, Georgia

34. The Hon. Kenneth Smith, Sr. Accepts His Vows of Installation

35. Marcia Cantarella at Her College Graduation

36. A mule train arriving for the Poor People's Campaign

37. 'Resurrection City'

38. Mary Schmidt Campbell on Her Wedding Day (#1)

39. Mary Schmidt Campbell on Her Wedding Day (#2)

40. Myrtis Dightman in Rodeo (#2)