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1. Andrea Lawrence as Young Girl

2. Burl Toler, Sr. With the USF Football Team

3. Diane McCoy-Lee With Her Sister

4. Donald Jackson in his college graduation picture

5. Donna Satchell as a Baby (1951)

6. Dr. Beny J. Primm Training as a Paratrooper

7. James and Willeen Williams (#3)

8. James and Willeen Williams on Their Wedding Day

9. Barnett Family Portrait

10. Frank Clark and his siblings, 1951

11. Fred Rice, Jr. Korean War

12. Henry H. Brown in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps (#1)

13. James Hiram Malone's Artwork on Display at South Carolina Library

14. Rev. Jeremiah Wright in Grade School

15. Joseph Daniel Clipper in Junior High

16. Katherine Dunham With Husband and Daughter

17. Louis Johnson at the School of American Ballet

18. Raymond and Betty Lee Johnson

19. Burl Toler as Football Player

20. Reverend Marcia Dyson as Baby

21. Samuel Floyd at the age of fourteen

22. Childhood portrait of Horace Smith with his oldest brother Albert Smith, Jr.

23. Thomas L. McLeary With His Family

24. Walter Clark with his Brother and Father

25. Wenda Weekes Moore at the Age of 10 With Her Siblings and A Neighbor.

26. William Bonaparte and his third grade class

27. William Warfield in "Show Boat"