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1. Ann Jordan with Family (#1)

2. Ann Jordan’s Paternal Family (#1)

3. Robert Taylor (#1)

4. Ann Jordan’s Paternal Family (#2)

5. Robert Taylor (#2)

6. Ann Jordan with Family (#2)

7. Ann Jordan With Family (#3)

8. Ann Jordan at a Holiday Party

9. Ann Jordan at a State Dinner

10. Ann Jordan at a Holiday PartyHelen Dibble and Robert Taylor

11. Ann Jordan in Front of Air Force One

12. Ann Jordan with Al Gore, Tipper Gore and Vernon Jordan

13. Eugene Dibble, Jr. with the Baptist World Alliance

14. Ann Jordan’s Parents and Sister

15. Ann Jordan with Edward Brooke and Helen Dibble

16. Ann Jordan with President George Bush, Laura Bush and Vernon Jordan.

17. Ann Jordan’s Family and Friends at the Tuskegee Hospital

18. Ann Jordan’s Children and Grandchildren

19. Ann Jordan’s Great Grandmother Katie

20. Ann Jordan’s Maternal Family

21. Ann Jordan’s Great Aunt, Daisy

22. Ann Jordan’s Family Members

23. Ann Jordan’s Uncle Ed

24. Ann Jordan with Vemon Jordan

25. Ann Jordan with Nelson Mandela

26. Ann Jordon at The White House

27. President Bill Clinton Reading to Ann Jordan’s Grandchildren

28. Ann Jordan with Her Siblings

29. Ann Jordan’s Christmas Party

30. Ann Jordan’s Family with President Bill Clinton

31. Ann Jordan with Friends

32. Ann Jordan with the Stevens

33. Ann Jordan

34. Ann Jordan with Madeline Rabb

35. Ann Jordan with Isobel Neal

36. Ann Jordan’s Grandchildren

37. Eugene Dibble, Jr.’s First Day at the Veterans Hospital

38. Party at Martha’s Vineyard

39. Beatrice Roehm

40. Eugene Dibble, Sr. with George Washington Carver

41. Eugene Dibble, Jr. Graduation from College

42. Tuskegee Hospital Conference

43. H. L. Dibble

44. Eugene Dibble, Jr.

45. Eugene Dibble, Sr. with Sallie Dibble

46. Jackie Jordan