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1. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey (#1)

2. Photo of Bernard Kinsey (1973)

3. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey (#2)

4. Photo of Bernard Kinsey (2000)

5. Bernard Kinsey With Florida A&M University Corporate America Alumnus

6. Bernard Kinsey Presented With a Malawi Chieftains Chair

7. Bernard Kinsey Receiving Florida A&M University's Honorary Doctorate Degree

8. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey in Front of a Portrait by Artis Lane

9. Bernard Kinsey With Norman Schwarzkopf and Amir Hamad

10. Bernard and Brad Kinsey

11. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey on Their Wedding Day

12. Bernard and Shirley Kinsey Cut Their Wedding Cake

13. Bernard, Shirley and Christine Kinsey

14. Bernard, Brad and Penny Kinsey

15. Bernard and Khalil Kinsey

16. Bernard, Shirley and Khalil Kinsey

17. Bernard Kinsey, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Majority Leader Richard Gephardt

18. Bernard Kinsey and Nate Walker's Birthday Party

19. Bernard Kinsey and Nate Walker's Birthday Cake

20. Bernard Kinsey With Los Angeles Mayors