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1. Herb Kent in Trailer

2. WVON Good Guys at Lake Meadows Fundraiser

3. Reverend Clay Evans at WVON

4. Bill Doc Lee and E. Rodney Jones at a fundraiser (1960s)

5. Lucky Cordell at Event

6. WVON Good Guys in Studio

7. On Stage with WVON

8. WVON DJ and Music Director, E. Rodney Jones

9. WVON Radio Host, Pervis Spann, "The Blues Man"

10. WVON Radio Host, Herb Kent, "The Cool Gent"

11. Bill "Butterball" Crane

12. Cecil Hale

13. Roy Wood

14. Wesley South

15. Bernadine C. Washington

16. Lucky Cordell, "Baron of Bounce"

18. Lucky Cordell's publicity shot (1960's)

19. Lucky Cordell and Lou Rawls

20. WVON Guys at The Bud Biliken Parade

21. Lucky Cordell and Bobby Rush

22. McKie Fitzhugh

23. The Good Guys in front of WVON